Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have been TAGGED!

So I have been tagged by my buddy Vic! The challenge states that you are to go to your picture files, select the 6th picture in the 6th file and uplod it on to your blog. You are also supposed to tell a story about the picture! Cool eh!
Here is my pic:

This picture was taken this fall at our local Zehrs store. TX was totally facinated with all of the cool pumpkins, and so I thought it would be fun to do a little impromptu photo session among the pumpkins! The weather was great, warm and sunny and we had been talking alot about Halloween. This was one of my test shots. He is such a monkey!!! Sorry, not a great picture!

I have to admit I thought about cheating and choosing a better photo ( how bad am I!!!). Insted I am going to post this picture, taken 2 frames after the dictated photo ( and ironically 6th in the succesion for the photo session!)
Here is my cute little man posing with the pumpkins. How cute is he! I need to remember that when he is screaming for no apparent reason tomorrow( it will happen!)

Good night all! I am off to work tomorrow ( for a woman with a job only 1 day a week, I sure am working alot! NOT COMPLAINING!!!!)

Snowy Tuesday Morning!

Howdy!!! I hope that everyone is having a great day! We got a little more snow last night, not alot but I am so sick of this cold weather, I would prefer some SUN!!!
Oh well!
Sorry I haven't posted in ages, we have been very busy around here lately! My (usually sweet) 2 1/2 yr old son has been playing with some of those infamous 2 yr old attitudes of late, and we are finding ourselves at odds quite a bit! I don't know if it is all the changes in our life catching up with him, a recent growth spurt ( I just had to get out the size 4 shirts...Yes I said size 4!!!) or that we were due for some attitude problems. Whatever the reason, I am not impressed!!! He has been up to everything from pulling all the toys out in his toy space ( and I mean, every toy!!!), to biting me when I was getting him ready for bed the other night ( OUCH!!) to putting 5 double rolls of toilet paper into the toilet ( well, actually he dipped the first 4 into the toilet and then placed them in the sink. The fifth was dropped on the floor when I came into the bathroom!) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit, we have been very spoiled with good behaviour, so this is a real shock for me! I am trying to spend some extra time with him in an effort to impove things! As a result- not much scrapping for me! I did manage to get one lo done for the 52 weeks 52 sketches site. I think I am going to add something to it- it is a little too simple ( even for me!!)

We took the pics of TX reading a story with his friends Logan and Emma at a literacy day event. Can you tell I just learned how to isolate colour in a BW photo!!lol!
I think this is such a cool technique and I thought it was perfect for this lo!

That is all for today! Sorry about the vent- thanks for your patience with me!!
Have a great day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying yourselves! I am spending another quiet day at home, doing some scrapping and just chilling out!
I had a lovely surprise the other day from my friend Dee from the Scrapping Turtle! She gave me this awesome Blog award (My first!!!). Dee is amazing and I am honored that she gave it to me! I would have posted earlier but I just figured out how to add this- sad yes?

Here are a bunch of lo's I have done over the past few days ( there is an upside to being stuck inside!). The first is my first entry into the Turtle's BINGO challenge! Our challenge was to use a transparent object in our lo. I put my cuttlebug to work and came up with this:

Here is one of about a zillion Christmas lo's that I will be doing! We did our at home Christmas on the 26th. It was quiet, unhurried and lots of fun. Pretty much a perfect first Christmas in our new home!

Finally, I was looking at the wonderful pictures of family and friends that we recieve in our Christmas cards, thinking what a shame it is that they seem to dissaper into the junk drawer a few weeks after Christmas. This year, I am going to scrap them! I loved these pictures of my Brother inlaw and his family out in Calgary, so I started with them:

Sorry for the super long post! Have a good one!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Will it ever get warmer????

Happy chilly Friday evening!!! Ok, so I realize that it is alot colder elsewhere, but it dosen't make me feel any warmer!lol
The good news about frigidly cold temperatures is that it is perfect weather to SCRAPBOOK!!!! I went to a friend's place and we let our little people entertain each other so that we could play cut and paste! Good day! The kids had a blast, I got 3 lo's done, and we stayed warm doing it! I am feeling like I am on a bit of a roll, so I hope to do some more once the muchkin is in bed!!!
Here are a couple of things I did this week!
The first is a card that started off as my KWerner colour challenge card, but I just couldn't put orange on it!!! I really like it as is, mostly because I got to use my new nestie set...Yeah!!! Now who to give it to.......

This is a lo I did for Julie Bonner's 52 weeks 52 sketches blog. I love her sketches, they really get my mojo going! The subject is my little man playing in the snow! I know I am biased, but how cute is he???

That is all for now- someone is done his bath so I better get going!! Have a great night! STAY WARM!

KWerner Challenge #38

Good Morning! It is FREEZING cold here today!!! I just had a friend invite me over to crop today ( she has a 4 yr old daughter,so the kids will keep each other occupied-or so we hope!!!) and I am just trying to get modivated to go outside!! So far, not too good! I took advantage of the good light today to take pics of a few projects.
Here are the colours for KWerner's colour challenge this week:

Here is my take:

I used a couple of Michael's $1.00 stamps to do this one today! I coloured the stamp and did my background, then stamped the sentiment, embossed and popped it up! Voila! Throw on a bow and call it done! I really like the simplicity of it-I hope you like it too!
Have a good one-stay warm!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A couple of layouts! ( and a card!)

Howdy all! I hope your Monday is going well! I have had a few hours of rare alone time and I am loving it!!! I do have to go and pick the little man up, so a quick post before I go!
First is the card, Kim M at the Turtle message board gave us a challenge to make a card using only cardstock! Ha, ha, Kim, very funny!!! I got out my cuttlebug, a few dies and a embossing folder and here is the result:

This lo was based on a sketch by our GDT member at the Turtle ( can you tell I spend a lot of time there!) Louisa! I love her lo based on the sketch and I was happy to have a way to remember on of my favorite memories from Christmas Morning this year:

Finally, this is a pic of my Cousin's new little baby girl! It has been so long since a girl was born in our family, and I was happy to be able to use some PINK for a change! The lo is based on a sketch by Julie Bonner at 52 weeks, 52 sketches blog!

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I am trying to get caught up on posting some lo's I completed in the past few weeks! I have decided that I am a batch scrapper...I won't do much for a while and then I will do 3-4 lo's within a couple of days! I am a similar blogger, as a result you are getting a few lo's today! Sorry for the poor photos, I should retake them but I am feeling really lazy today! lol
The first lo is from our visit with Santa- we had a lot of fun!!! Definatly on our list of holiday activities for next year! Thomas Xavier got to decorate his own tree this year! I dragged out the little 3 foot tree we decorated in our apartment and he went to it! Lots of fun!!! Turns out it is the perfect size for him, and we got a kick out of watching him show it off to all of our visitors over the holidays!
These are some older pics! I took this during the Migration Parade this year. Lots of fun- who can argue with a giant inflated duck on a float!

This final one is based on a sketch posted by Dee over at the turtle mb! Thanks for the great sketch Dee! This is my favorite story from this Christmas! What a riot he is!!!

Ok, that is all for now! Today is going to be a relaxing day at home! We got about 2 feet of snow last night, so it is looking like a winter wonderland out there! We did some playing in the snow yesterday, and I think we will have to venture out again today!
Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kwerner design blog Colour inspiration challenge #37

Good Morning all! I have to apologize for my negligent posting as of late! The holidays were crazy- lots of fun but really busy and my creative pursuits got kinda lost in the shuffle! Well, today I am back with my submission for Kwerner's 37th Colour Challenge!
Here are the colours:and here is my card: I didn't use the olive green colour - didn't have the proper colour in my collection ( note to self- buy olive!) so I kept the green to a minimum. I just got this Bella stamp (my first!) and I loved it so much I knew I wanted to use it if possible for this card! I am still working on the colouring thing- but it is coming along!
Thanks for looking. I have a few scrapbook lo's that I completed last week that I hope to post later in the day!
Have a great day and Happy 2009 everyone!