Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad, bad blogger..

... I am!!! Sorry all- it has been a crazy month around here, and my scrapping and blogging (not to mention cleaning, grocery shopping etc) have fallen to the wayside! Grab a coffee, and find a comfy place to sit, this could take a while!!!

So, you all know that I have been looking for work for the past 7 mos or so (YIKES!!!). I was very fortunate to be called in to work a day at a local office in October of last year, and have done a fair bit of temping there since. It is a wonderful place, 5 mins from my home and I am truly loving the time I have spent there. Those temping days evolved into an offer for Fridays on a permanent basis (YEAH!!). At the beginning of February, I was called to do a week at the office, and upon arriving to work on the Monday morning, was told that the Hygienist who I have been replacing is taking a LOA- we don't know how long for, but her full time hours were available if I would like to work them. I have taken on the hours for as long as they need me, and am very happy for the work. The problem was, where was I going to put the little man?

I had checked out the local Montessori school in the fall of last year and really fell in love the program and atmosphere in the school. Fortunately they had an opening and TX started the beginning of last week ( Feb 9th) and he is liking it very much.

So all is good...right? Not quite. As is typical with a child's first little while in a "child care setting" TX came home on Friday with a bit of a cough. Saturday morning he had a fever, a really high fever!!! Long story short ( for this part anyways) his fever went up and down for Sat, Sun and the holiday Monday and by Tuesday morning he was constantly running a very high fever, is a walking runny nose and is barking like a Jack Russel ( no offence to Jack Russell owners, the ones I know tend to bark alot...they are really cute though!). So I had to miss the 3 days of work I had booked ( they have been great- everyone has kids and they have been through this themselves- thank goodness!) and now we are all really sick!!! The little man is finally past the fever stage ( 5 days later!) and is just barking like crazy ( not to mention the only way he seems to be able to communicate is via whining- I know he is getting better when that happens!) So there you go, our first daycare disease! I guess we don't mess around here- go big ( or deathly ill as it may be) or go home!!!

That is it! Sorry for my cranky rant!!!
I did manage to finish a couple of projects, and I feel you deserve something pretty to look at after living through my sicky girl ramblings!

This is a project I created for Carolyn's 5x5 challenge over at the Turtle. She did a twist this time and used a Disney character as inspiration for the items she sent. I got Donald Duck, and the pp she sent had all of the characters so I made little puzzles for Thomas Xavier for Valentines! Thanks Carolyn- lots of fun!( I have since found the lost Donald piece!)

This is a lo I started about 4 weeks ago, based on a sketch from Julie Bonner's 52 weeks 52 sketches forum. I used a sketch picture that we got from Chuckie Cheese a few weeks ago ( Emma's birthday party- too fun!). I really liked the picture and the sketch is great- the lo isn't exactly what I pictured, but it is done!!!

Finally- a card for my sweetie for Valentines Day! I have had this stamp for a while and I basically copied my friend Jenn's idea with the bling for flowers (thanks Jenn!). Thanks for the roses sweetie, they were beautiful!!!

That is it for now! Have a good day- stay healthy!!!!


Regan said...

glad you're back!!

You projects are Fab!!

Vicki said...

yay! you're blogging. that reminds me i should too!