Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Good Morining! We had a great time yesterday at the festival! We watched the parade (T.X. was thrilled with the candy), shopped at the marketplace and played at the children's area. We rounded the day out with a trip on the Streetcar Called Desire (seriously that is what it is called) and a bbq hot dog on the lawn of the High School. We had a great time and needed a good nap by the time we got home! I don't know if it was the excitement of the day, the cold he is fighting or the 3 lollipops he managed to suck back at the parade but T.X. woke up with a serious case of the whinies and never got over it. The day ended with a major meltdown (blessingly rare at our house) and 2 seriously frazzled parents! Oh well, today is another day!

Being the " Super Mom" that I am, I went and scrapped while Pete dealt with the screaming banshee child! Here are my finished products:

I was cleaning up my scrapspace and found these picture overlays and die cut embellies in a bag I had packed for a crop and forgotten about! I picked up a magazine and had 2 quick lo ideas within 5 minutes! I love it when that happens! If only I could actually crop that quickly! lol
I swiched out the top picture for one taken yesterday as we waited for the parade! I don't know that I will ever be as good as my bud Vic with the self portrait pics but this one came out pretty well! ( Is it wrong that I picked a picture that I look better in?). I was showing Pete (dh) the finished lo and said it was too bad that T.X. had his eyes half closed- he pointed out his eyes look exactly like mine! He is right, T.X. has inherited the Booth squint ( sorry about that babe).
Ok enough babbling on! Have a great day all!


Vicki said...

No it's not wrong!!!
And my trick for self-portraits:
Awesome blogging!!!

Regan said...

these are great layouts!!!

Deanna said...

Oh yeah they look great! So happy you started a blog!