Saturday, October 25, 2008

Preparing for the concert event of the year!!!

Good Morning! This weekend my ds and I are in London because we are going to be seeing "The Wiggles" on Monday evening! If you don't know who the Wiggles are- you clearly don't have young kids! They are a musical phenomena for the pre- school set consisting of 4 middle aged Aussie men, a giant dancing dinosaur named Dorothy, a dancing dog named Wags, an octopus named Henry and a goofy pirate named Captain Feathersword. Kids ( mine in particular) love these guys- they are hugely popular and successful and cause me to ask "why didn't I think of this???" every time I watch a video! I purchased tickets ages ago and now the concert is approaching!!! It will be a lot of fun! Just because I like to make my life more interesting, my 93 yr old Grandmother is coming with us! Wish me luck, I am going to the Wiggles with a 2 yr old and a 93 yr old!!!! I promise to report back!!!

Before I head off, here is a recent project I completed in responce to a couple of challenges over at the turtle mb. Dee contributed a great sketch to follow and Sharpie ( Lisa) challenged us to use list/ form in a lo. Here is my attempt at 2 in 1:

Have a great day!



Deanna said...

Ah we are so jealous! have a great time!

Kimberley said...

We always have loved the Wiggles here - my guys are a little too big for them now but my niece and sister saw them in Toronto on Friday and had a fantastic time! Hope it is all you hope for TX and Kate!!!
I think I can still sing almost every song!