Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday all!!!

So I said I would update last night and didn't get to it! Sorry about that! I will make up for it today! Grab a coffee, this might be a long one!

First off- here are some more projects I completed for the Scrapping Turtle online crop last weekend. The first project is an altered can ( as challenged by Dee). I kept it really simple and just covered it in a paper scrap, added some paper ribbon and added a paper label I cut on my cricut. The label is 2 pieces, I inked the border and heat embossed it and the stamped sentiment. Right now it is storing my sharpie pens! This is for a challenge to use a work or phrase from a children book or song. I think it speaks for itself! What a goof! This is a pic from the first day he pulled himself up in the crib!
This lo was a challenge to use one big photo. This sure is one big photo!!! Took this shot at Storybook Garden's over the Thanksgiving weekend. Really simple lo!

Last one from the online crop. Another take on the children's song/ book challenge. I finally used the paper my buddy Vic gave me for my baby shower gift ( Yikes- so overdue!). I haven't scrapped quite a few of TX's pics from his first year, so it was great to get this lo done! These pics were taken just before we left the hospital! What a doll!

Everyone seems to be talking about copic markers these days. I would love to try them ( I am all about the scrapbooking tools) but now is not the time to be spending money ( see previous posts re. job search!!!). My friend Vic ( she rocks!) found this online tutorial that uses Sharpie and Bic Mark it pens to mimic the look of Copic markers! Here is the link
I have a lot of Sharpies, so I figured I would try this out! Here is what I have come up with so far, I made some cards up with the stamped images that I couloured!

I think I like the last one the best! I found that heat embossing the stamped image helped to keep things a little neater! The stamps I used are from a pack I got at Walmart for approx. $5.00 ( it came with 2 other stamps). It is simple and very clear so it made a great first image to try colouring with!
That is it for projects- bored yet? It has been a bit of a rough week around here. A little girl at TX's daycare came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. In the wonderful way that young children share germs, guess what we have been dealing with this week! FUN!
Luckly for us, he hasn't had too much of an outbreak, mostly sores in his mouth and on his legs. It has made for a very uncomfortable little man, lots of crying and very little eating or sleeping! Not a happy camper this week! The worst seems to be over, he had a good sleep last night and actually ate some cereal for breakfast! This is a huge improvement! Hopefully he should be up to speed by Monday!
Here is to wishing everyone a great day and weekend! I am hoping to get the young one out for some fresh air today- doesn't look to bad out there!
Caio for now!


Tracey said...

Fabulous projects Kate!! I love the colouring!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such beautiful projects!! Love the BABY LO, the best! SO cute!! And your cards are lovely! great job with the markers!! :)

Deanna said...

I think the sharpie cards turned out great!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous stuff Kate. I can't believe you finally used the BG!!!!
Thanks for the props there too! The colouring looks great.

Regan said...

you have been busy busy busy- great job with those markers!!

Melissa Sauls said...

WOW!! Your projects are just awesome. Love your scrapbook pages!! I could use a lesson or two from you.

Leigh said...

I absolutely love those poinsettia cards. They are gorgeous. Hope your little boy is better now.
Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

SBL said...

Wow! Sounds stunning. Love the colour combination.

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