Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Saturday!!! My first TAG!!!

Howz it going? It is a cold, but still snowless Saturday here! Spent the AM trying to get the house cleaned up ( trying to make you proud Kim!!!) and just had a little nap. The "Sweet Boy" ( as he is referred to by my Grandmother) is having a much needed nap! We are heading out to the Dinner with Santa and the lighting of the festival of lights this evening so he needs to have a really good rest!!! I am really pumped about tonight! You go and eat, Santa is there for the kids to visit, there is a choir singing carols, games and crafts for the kids and they do fireworks after the park is all lit up!!! Should be amazing!!! I will let you all know tomorrow!

As for the Tag business- I was tagged by my friend Carla over at! She is an amazing scrapper and a card maker extraordinaire! I am honored to be tagged by her ( it is my first one!!)
Here are the specs:

So here we go ( I can't promise it is going to be pretty! lol)

1. I hate my handwriting! ( if you ever saw it you would understand!) I have tried every children's handwriting book to practise, I even bought the Heidi Swapp book! No help- it is still terrible!!!!

2. I always sing when I am in the car. Can't be helped, it just happens!

3. My bed is my favorite place in the whole world!

4. I secretly force my child to watch Backyardigans because I like it ( he doesn't hate it, but I think I like it more!)

5. Scrapbooking embellishments kinda scare me! I don't know what to do with them- it is kinda like wearing jewelry, I can't for the life of my figure out how they go together!

6. I don't eat fish. Well, I will eat fish and chips- as long as there is more batter than fish and I can smother it in vinegar!

7. I am ridiculously competitive when playing any board game or cards! I love to play, but I get kinda crazy when I do!!!

Ok, so now that everyone knows I am a complete wierdo! I get to tag some people! I decided to bug some of the ladies over at the Scrapping Turtle mb:

1. My bud Vic @ It is her fault that I am into the whole scrapping thing and I can never thank her enough!( also, she is an awesome friend and I really miss her!) I like to call her Digi queen!!!

2. Kim @ She is such an amazing person and I am constantly inspired by her! She is changing the world !

3. Tracey@ She is such a doll! Love her scrappy stuff and just adore her as a person!!!

4. Dee@ Super talented and awesome fun scrapper who cracks me up! I am really enjoying getting to know her and her buddy-

5. Regan@ Wicked funny and also super talented!
You and Dee are so much fun!

6. Jillian@ She is likely to want to kill me for this! Jillian is SUPER MOM and possibly the most patient person I have ever come across! ( Great scrapper too!) Sorry Jillian!
7.Heather @ Heather does the coolest projects and I am enjoying getting to know her over at the Turtle mb!

That's it! I hope you ladies can forgive me for the tag- it is supposed to be fun- right!

Have a great day everyone! I am off the see the man in red!!!!


Deanna said...

Um yeah... we are like the exact same person, well except for the fish, me liky fish!

Seriously I am copying this entire post... lol!

Jillian said...

Ok, you crazy woman! LOL I'll do it, but you just took everyone I would have tagged. LOL this time I'll tag my sister back! Revenge can be sweet! LOL I can't promise I'll tag more than one though. LOL

Jillian said...

I just read my post, and realized that I somehow managed to squish in FOUR LOL's. .......LOL

Tracey said...

Thanks for the sweet words Kate!! I am pretty sure I could copy most of your post as well. I guess that's why all we Turtles get along so well - we're all so alike!!!

Kimberley said...

You made me cry.
That was the sweetest thing and totally made my day - and I was already having a fantastic day to begin with!!
Thank you so much Kate!

Ok, I will try and tag and see what happens - I think you tagged all the peeps I would tag - but I can think of a few I could get...

Anonymous said...

Great reading more about you, Kate! We have a lot in common... lol! :)