Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday already!!!

Good Morning! Sorry that I am so behind in my blogging! Dh is away this week, so I am solo with the little man. No biggie really, but I am still not feeling so great! TX is back up to full speed ( thank goodness!) but I am thinking this first year of daycare illnesses is going to kill me!!!
Haven't been doing nearly enough crafting lately but here are a few things from past days!
I made these cards for Dee's ribbon challenge over at the Turtle mb:

Sorry for the terrible pic ( don't you just love the fancy border with the seagulls in my downstairs bathroom- I really need to change that!!!). Here is a close up

Really simple stuff, just some ribbon weaving, a little cuttlebug embossing, stamped the sentiment and popped it onto a matting! I love the little mug! It is from a set of push pins I got at the dollar store a few years ago. I had always meant to scrap with it but couldn't find the right project. I really like it on the card!
Well, the ribbon project brought to light a very scary situation...the state of my ribbon storage! My ribbon was a snarled mess! I had thought of getting one of those handy dandy ribbon organizing bags, but I am cheap ( and have no spending money) so I thought I could make my own! I found this nifty bag at Liquidation World in London when I was there a few months ago. It looked perfect for this project!

I promptly forgot about my project and the bag sat in the corner of my scrapping space for a while...until I actually had to use some ribbon! I sat down the other night with my handy dandy Silent Setter ( to think I almost got rid of that when I got my crop a dile!) and within in 10 min I had a bag that looked kinda like swiss cheese! The hardest part is rolling up all of my ribbon and loading it in the bag!
Here is the finished product

A close up

I am proud of myself- can you tell!
I think I need to attack my poor photo results now that I can't photograph outside any more ( as impressive as my seagull papered bathroom is, I am not thrilled with the photographic results!)
I found a link a while ago instructing on how to make your own light box. I recommended it to another scrapping blogger ( Carla- she is awesome!!! check her blog out http://moralia.wordpress.com/) and she is going to try it! I think I should too!
I am going to try to get this done on the weekend!
Well, I'm off! I see the KWerner design blog has a new colour inspiration posted so I am going to check it out!
Have a wonderful day all!


Anonymous said...

I really love those cards, Kate, but wish I could see them BIGGER! LOL!!! But they're beautiful!! :) I love the 'weaving'!

Great idea with the ribbon!! Mine is a mess too.. its in 2 freezer size ziplocs.. nothing glamorous! LOL!!!

Vicki said...

great weaving. when are you coming here so we can do a photoshop workshop???

Becky said...

Fabulous cards! I love the weaving! And I'm gonna have to get me a clear bag and make my own ribbon bag...inexpensive and easy!

Kimberley said...

I need a ribbon bag like that - all of my ribbon hangs from a wire hanger with safety pins but it looks so messy - that big is killer! I may borrow that idea from you if you don't mind!

I also really need a light box so I am going to give that a try too this weekend - fun!

Thanks for playing along on my blog too - I really appreciate your comments and support - it means someone is reading the posts - and that awesome someone is you!

Hope you feel better soon Kate! Great cards!!!

Linda Beeson said...

What a clever technique with the ribbons.

Susan said...

Great card! Saw your comment on the ~Card Sketch A Day~ blog. You can reach me at susieqscrapbook@yahoo.com to request a sketch for the Card Call! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Regan said...

great idea with the ribbons kate and your cards are awesome

Catherine said...

your card is just too cool!
and love the idea of how to store your ribbon

Leah said...

What a brillant idea. And it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Kate, don't you just love those bags. The one I have is a big different but the same idea! I couldnt' believe how much it held!