Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick update

Good Morning! Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days- things have been crazy! TX has graciously shared his sicky germs, so now all 3 of us are sick! I feel rotten!!! How sad is it that he has had this for days and has been less vocal ( read whiny) about it than I feel! Makes me realize what a great kid I have!

Nothing new to post project wise today. I have been working on my Halloween lo for 4 days now ( got started good and early) but my printer is out of ink and I still need to journal- maybe it will be finished tonight. Not feeling all that inspired to scrap...hopefully just a byproduct of this nasty bug!

I did manage to go out and hand out another 17 resumes yesterday. I think my total is somewhere close to 100 by now- still no job! I figure it is a numbers game, eventually it has to get me somewhere! I am planning another blitz tomorrow, wish me luck!!!

Off to clean up the house! Have a great day all!


Anonymous said...

Aww.. hope you're feeling better soon!! ((Hugs)) You'll get a job i'm sure! Hang in there!! ;)

Deanna said...

Ah feel better girl... and good luck with the blitz, goodness knows I know what that is like!

Vicki said...

feel better!!!!

Kimberley said...

Feel better - and good luck with the hunt. That's tough when you can't find that one job!
I hope you get a fantastic one really soon! In the meantime, enjoy that TX - they grow so fast!
Trust me on that one!